Bismillahirrohamaanirrohiim, Alhamdulillah wa shollatu ‘aalaa Rosulillah Muhammad SAW on EID Mubarak 1438 H (2017) we start to build New Quran Store. Rainbow-Quran.com is dedicated for all moslem from worldwide country who want visit our site with comfort and unconfession with mix language both Indonesian and English in our old website Quranrainbow.com.

Some people was said to us, if the are very confussed and get some difficult when to get information and order Rainbow Quran in our existing site www.quranrainbow.com, because it have mix post with Quran with Indonesia Translate. We always listening every suggestion from our customer and we start think will build new webstore for International Visitor in English Language after we have done Rainbow Quran Worldwide For Sale and Wholesale on Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, this Rainbow Quran Store was started build.

On this Site, you not only see Rainbow Quran Product, but you also find Other Quran/Koran, Islamic Gift, Halal Stuff, we always try add product and collection for this Store.

We are sorry if still not perfect, but we always try to develope Rainbow-Quran.com to give best serve for our visitors. If you have any question, suggestion or problem with this webstore or any issue about shipping cost and order process please Contact us:

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Rainbow Quran is Member of Qur’an Rainbow

Rainbow-Quran.com is Official Site Member of Qur’an Rainbow. Qur’an Rainbow is Most Big and Trust Supplier and Publisher of Rainbow Quran. We have many experienced in Distributing Rainbow Quran to many country around the world. Qur’an Rainbow is Legal Publisher and Supplier Company from Indonesia. We have work with many Store and Reseller in many country, so no doubt when you make order or partnership with us. Insya Allah we always keep Amanah. for other information about Qur’an Rainbow you can visit our existing site by click link below


Rainbow Quran Service Order

We serve Rainbow Quran Worldwide Order for Retail and Wholesale (Bulk) Quantity. RainbowQuran.com is very suitable for Retail Order but we though not good for wholesale or Bulk Order, because we have Discount/Speciall Price for Rainbow Quran Price and Shipping Cost. So, if you want to order in wholesale package or bulk order, please contact us.

We always Open partnership with islamic store and individual seller who want to be Reseller or Wholesaler in your country. We also serve partnership for Quran Project to make Customize Quran or New Rainbow Rainbow Quran in other design and other language. If you want to be our partner or investor, please contact us below :

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Rainbow Quran Payment

For Payment on Rainbow Quran we accept few payment gate way, you can check below :

  1. Paypal (Most Recommended)
  2. Westren Union
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. Money Gram
  5. Xpress Money

Rainbow Quran Shipping

For Shipping or Delivery we have partnership with Populer Global Courier Company. We have Speciall Shipping Cost for Wholesale Order (Bulk). please check below our courier partner below:

  • DHL
  • TNT
  • UPS
  • EMS
  • Pos

Rainbow Quran Official Store

To avoid Scamer and  when you make order Rainbow Quran in Indonesia, please just contact us. we didnt responsible with any lost if you have order to other people or store in Indonesia. Safe your money and your parcel with us. Please check our other site below :



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Rainbow Quran Address

This is Full Address of Rainbow Quran, Our home Base just in Surabaya not in Jakarta or other city in Indonesia, Please cek below :

Street      : Kupang Krajan VII No 41 A

City         : Surabaya

Country : Indonesia

Phone    : +6283832223436