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Today we will share information about Quran with Colored Tajweed Code. On this post, we will share about What is the Tajweed, Few Rules of Tajweed, What about Quran with colored tajweed code and Tips How to use Quran with colored tajweed code. As you know, when a muslim recitate The Holy Quran, They must follow Tajweed Rules, so we can read The Glourious Quran as Tarteel. Tajweed Rules is very important because its influenced with the meaning’s word of Quran Text. We will try give information about Rules of Tajweed for starting this post.

What is the Tajweed

Meaning of Tajweed is improve/make better. Tajweed of Holy Quran is knowledge and practice of rules recitation, so we can read the Quran as Prophet Muhammad Saw recitated.

Few Rules of Tajweed.

  • We will share few Rules of Tajweed when recitation of Holy Quran, please check below :
  • Noon Sakeen : Ith-haar, Ikhfaa’, Idgham, Iqlab, Ith-haar Mutlaq
  • Noon and Meem Mushaddadah
  • Meem Sakeen : Idgham Shafawee, Ikhfaa Shafawee, Ith-Thaar Shafawee
  • Maad
  • Qalqalah
  • Madd Rules : Madd Tabee’ee, Madd Waajib Mutasil, Madd Jaaez Munfasil, Madd Laazim Harfee, Madd Laaziim Kalimee, Madd Badal, Madd Tamkeen, Madd Al-Farq, Madd Al-Silah, Madd Al-Leen, Madd Al-‘Iwad, Madd ‘Arid Lil Sukoon
  • Laam Rules : Laam Shamseeyah, Laam Qamareeyah
  • Hamzah Rules
  • Idghaam : Idghaam Bee ghunnah, Idghaam Beella ghunnah, Idghaam meemee
  • Tafkheem and Tarqeeq

What about Quran with Colored Tajweed Code

Quran with Tajweed Code is Holy Quran Book with Tajweed Guide in different colours of Rules of Tajweed. Its very usefull help people can recitation suitable with rules of tajweed. Very simple in practice because every colours is represent of each tajweed rules. So, you will see different colour of Arabic Letter. Example Arabic Letter in Red Colour is represent rule of Madd Waajib, Arabic Letter in Green colour is represent Madd Laaziim, Arabic Letter in Blue colour is represent of  Idghaam.

  1. How to use Quran with Colored Tajweed Code
  2. When you want starting recitation with Tajweed Quran, we some tips for you :
  3. Search User Guidence first, regulerly its in beginning of page.
  4. Read user guidence of tajweed rules well.
  5. Remember the colours of tajweed rules in The Holy Quran Book.
  6. Memorizing the colours of tajweed Rules is better.
  7. Start recitation with follow the colours of tajweed.
  8. When your ability use colored tajwed Quran is increase, you can try read Holy Quran Book without tajweed rules.

That is litle Information about Quran with Tajweed Rules and How to Use Quran with Colored Tajweed Code. FYI, we provide Quran with Colored Tajweed Code in Our Store. Please Check below, so you can know well about this post.

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