Rainbow Quran

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Rainbow Quran is Holy Quran (Koran) Book with Fullcolour Page or Colored Quran. Rainbow Quran is same with other Quran Book. Its not other version, it same copied with other Holy Quran. As a moslem, we must believe if Quran is unchanged since past, now and the day after. Rainbow Quran, it just colored page Quran. No modify for text, ayah or content of Quran. The Most motivation of Rainbow Quran is Boost people spirit to recitate the Quran, not other.

Where Rainbow Quran Have Made

Rainbow Quran frst time made in Indonesia. Its design of One of Hijab and Islamic Wear Desainer "Dian Pelangi". She was design Quran with Colour Full Page. At first time produce, Rainbow Quran have design with 30 colour for each Juz (Part). The Colour pages of Quran is very colourfull look like Rainbow. Thats why it called Rainbow Quran. In Indonesia its populer called Qur'an Rainbow or Al-Quran Pelangi (Pelangi is translate of Rainbow in Indonesian and Malay Language).

Populer Called of Rainbow Quran

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